How to Get a Woman to Send You Nude Photos
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How to Get a Woman to Send You Nude Photos

From a woman who sends them

Dating or even talking to a prospective new love match can be tons of fun. Getting to know a new person is so exciting. Flirting, texting, and the feeling in the air before the first date is unlike anything else in the world.

Additionally, anytime there is an attraction, there is the potential for a sexual one as well. Let’s face it, if you are going on a date with someone, you most likely have thought about possibly f**king them, right? Otherwise, why bother? While sex isn’t the only thing that should happen in a good relationship, it is important.

Okay, I’m going to make a HUGE jump now. Maybe you are in the new dating phase? Maybe you are stuck in that weird in-between phase where you have met in person, maybe kissed, but want to start moving onto the next level with her. By next level, I mean into her pants. Well, you have to do the work there (and treat her well), but I can help you see her naked (maybe).

Put on the Charm

Some things never go out of style. Being a gentleman is one of them. Treat your potential new love interest like the queen she is. Butter her up in whatever way she wants. Don’t do this in a disingenuous way. Don’t whisper in her ear sweet nothings that you don’t really mean.

Tell her how sexy you think she is. Tell her you’ve imagined what it would be like to touch her beautiful skin. Drop subtle hints about the naughty things you want to do to her. But remember: Be a f**king gentleman!

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Let Her Initiate

Do not—I repeat—DO NOT SEND HER A D**K PIC! Don’t do it. While some women like to see what they will have to work with when the clothes come off, most don’t want that right away. If you forget this, go back to the first rule.

If you want to see her naked, wait for her to open the door of sexy fun. Once she feels comfortable with you, she will start offering little peeks at what’s beneath. It might start with a cleavage photo or a shot up her skirt, but she will likely show her world to you in no time—if you are patient.

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Put the Time In

If I’m the first person to tell you that it takes time to warm up a woman’s engine, then maybe you need to go back to your high school days and remember what it was like trying to slip it in without any foreplay. Dude, women need time to get turned on. This sentiment carries over to other areas of her life.

Women need to feel safe if they are going to be vulnerable with someone, and there is nothing more exposing than sharing nude pics with someone. One way to make her feel safe is to be reliable, steadfast, and routine in your interactions with her. Women appreciate the effort. We enjoy feeling like we are worth the chase. When we feel like we are getting that from a man, we will begin to feel secure and start to be more generous.

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As a woman who has sent nude photos to my past, present, and future lovers, I hope these tips help you get your girl. I hope they allow you to work your way into her heart and hopefully her pants. Giving you these tips is in no way an in to hurt anyone. If you do get a lovely lady to send you pictures of her privates, be sure to keep them that—private. Don’t share them with your buddies or post them on the internet, in fact, don’t save them at all. Nudes should be used as a taste of what’s to come. Real gentlemen have a quick look, commit it to memory and wait until if/when you are fortunate enough to see the real thing.

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