5 Best Reasons to Join a Fraternity Graduate Chapter, Ranked
Photo illustration; source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

5 Best Reasons to Join a Fraternity Graduate Chapter, Ranked

It’s never too late!

5. Get an instant profile boost at Black homecomings

Visit any HBCU during the most hyped time of the year sporting Black frat regalia, and you’ll instantly elevate to a first-class citizen of the yard. Bonus points for barking Ques, cane-wielding Kappas, and Alphas recreating Stomp the Yard.

4. Make actual friends

Some undergrads scoff at the concept of Greek life, writing it off as the most expensive social circle to ever grace a credit card statement. But once you’re well into your adult life — removed from the bubble of living alongside like-minded peers — buying brotherhood may become a much more worthwhile proposition. How the hell else do grown men make friends?

3. Skip the excessive hazing process

Got a low threshold for public embarrassment and paddle pummeling? Leave that for the college kids. Sure, you’ll still have to pledge (and some grad chapters go overboard) but for the most part, the process is much less painstaking — and pain-inducing.

2. Professional network building

Get those personal references and LinkedIn connections up!

1. Community service

There are lots of reasons to join a fraternity or sorority. When you’re an undergrad, this one is treated with a wink — but you’re older now, less interested in campus clout and raucous dorm room parties (we’d hope!). There’s power in numbers; go Greek and use it for good!

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