Who Could've Guessed Putting Sharks in a Tub With Children Was Dangerous?
Photo: Amazon

Who Could've Guessed Putting Sharks in a Tub With Children Was Dangerous?

Ironic Baby Shark toys are recalled after injuring kids

The worst thing parents used to have to worry about when it came to the Baby Shark phenomenon was getting the infectious song stuck in their heads.

Now, add a toy recall to that stress: The company that makes swimming and singing Baby Shark and mini Baby Shark toys, Zuru, is recalling 7.5 million of the plastic products after about a dozen injuries caused by a hard top fin. Kids who sat or fell on the fins got cuts or puncture wounds, nine of which required stitches or medical attention.

"If the top fin of your shark is softer to the touch than the body of the shark and there is a visible line separating the silicone and plastic portions of your top fin, then your top fin is silicone and is not being recalled," the company said in a statement.

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a release that the "Robo Alive" toys will be refunded $14 or $6, depending on the product. Parents who want shark-refund relief are being asked to dismember the sharks by cutting off or bending the tail fin, writing "recalled" on the body of the shark, and uploading a photo of the product to the internet, a dehumanizing process we don't even do to our worst enemies who have caused us worse physical injuries.

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Parents are also being advised (by us, not the Commission), to stop teaching kids that it's perfectly fine to swim with sharks without proper training and fear of nature.