The 5 Most Unforgettable Verzuz Memes We Got in 2020, Ranked
Photo illustration; source: Verzuz/YouTube

The 5 Most Unforgettable Verzuz Memes We Got in 2020, Ranked

Pandemic Wi-Fi remains undefeated!

5. Teddy Riley’s internet issues

Desperately needing a visit from the Geek Squad didn’t stop the father of new jack swing (or his hardworking hype man!) from catching a vibe to his own music.

4. Snoop and X’s ‘Grumpy Old Men’ routine

From Snoop’s My First Crip sleeper-pajamas ensemble to DMX’s whoo-lawd-my-feet chair dancing, the two legends reminded us that hip-hop lives after 40 — it just goes to bed a little earlier.

3. Monica’s endless supply of shade

Just because she and ’90s/2000s R&B rival Brandy put their rivalry aside for the culture didn’t mean Monica had to like it, as her body language made clear the whole. Damn. Night.

2. Dancing Beenie Man

From the beginning, Verzuz came out of reggae’s soundclash culture, and in May the series went to Kingston to make its first in-person installment a celebration of those roots. But while big chunes ran the day, it was Beenie’s antics — showing off his big belly man status, talking down police officers, and dancing like no one was watching — that stole the show. Rewiiiind!

1. Drunk Jadakiss

If there was any doubt that Kiss was growing into big 40 Over 40 energy, he went from father to uncle over the course of his Verzuz with Fabolous. From the hat-to-toe John Witherspoon-level coordination to his glazed grinning two-step, one thing was clear: Jadakiss was gonna be last to leave the cookout.

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