5 HBCU Alumni Most Likely to Never Let You Forget Where They Went to School, Ranked
Photo illustration, source: The Washington Post/Getty Images

5 HBCU Alumni Most Likely to Never Let You Forget Where They Went to School, Ranked

We’re missing homecoming season hard — but not harder than these prideful alums!

5. Jackson State University

Honorable mentions here should definitely go to Spelman, North Carolina A&T, Southern, and Grambling, as they were all fighting for this last spot. Yet JSU came through in the clutch like Dame Lillard, thanks to the recent news that NFL legend Deion Sanders has been tapped as the school’s new head football coach. These days? You can’t tell anyone from Jackson shit. They already had the Sonic Boom marching band, but adding Primetime to their ranks? Oh, they’re insufferable as hell right now.

4. Florida A&M University

Want to see some furniture move? Insult FAMU when you’re hanging out with its alums. This school is based in the land of Florida men and Florida women, so there’s already the osmosis of insanely raucous human behavior. These students and alumni are just a different breed — and they’ve got more pride in their band than any other school out there.

3. Hampton University

You know why Hampton is on this list? Because if you get this school confused with Howard University, you might catch a beatdown in the most scholarly, talented-tenthly way possible. This is “the real HU,” as far as alums are concerned. Don’t get it twisted. Them’s the rules.

2. Morehouse College

Last year, after winning his first-ever Oscar, Spike Lee jumped onto Samuel L. Jackson like a little genius toddler. It was a legendary moment, but also a reminder that Morehouse alums will rep wherever, whenever, without a care in the world. Morehouse men have all sorts of slogans and catchphrases and codes and recitals like they’re The Rock back in the Attitude Era. That Morehouse pride simply hits different.

1. Howard University

A vegan, a New Yorker, a J. Cole fan, and a Howard alum all walk into a bar — which person identifies themself quickest? We’re gonna go with the latter, who is most likely wearing a hoodie with the name of his or her alma mater stitched or screen-printed across the front. If you’re ever in a gathering with at least two people who attended the Mecca, you’re guaranteed to hear the call-and-response cry of “H-U! You know!” echo from the window to the damn wall. These alums are quick to inform you about their monumental homecoming celebrations, the famous alumni who’ve become legends in their own right, and the storied Black greek frats and sororities that were founded on their campus. And now that they can claim a possible future VP in Kamala Harris? Let’s just assume there’s gonna be a lot of “H-U!” chanting over the next few years. (Sorry, Hampton!)

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