5 Lyrical Appreciations of Beyoncé (Not By Jay-Z), Ranked
Photo: BET Awards 2020/Getty images

5 Lyrical Appreciations of Beyoncé (Not By Jay-Z), Ranked

Spread love, that’s the B’s B-Day way!

5. “I know that girls love Beyoncé” — Drake

This one-liner barely squeaks over the threshold to qualify for this list, but the overall vibe of the James Fauntleroy-featured “Girls Love Beyoncé” — with its Destiny’s Child interpolations — is a fitting homage to the queen. (Also: Everyone loves Beyoncé. Duh.)

4. “I know they fakin’/Okay you a killer, right, and Miss Cleo is Jamaican/And Bob Marley is Haitian/And me and Beyoncé datin’” — J. Cole

Cole got jokes! Gotta wonder if Hov found the sarcasm funny, though.

3. “Beyoncé follow me on Instagram, Jigga, watch it” — Kevin Gates

We respect the IG flex. We’d be telling everyone willing to listen if ’Yoncé were double-tappin’ our posts, too. But clearly, this lyric is cap.

2. “I’ll never be picture-perfect Beyoncé/Be light as Al B or Black as Chauncey” — Kanye West

’Ye has a point: We can’t imagine Mrs. Carter ever ambushing an award show stage, rocking a racist red hat, or proclaiming slavery as a choice.

1. “I said ‘Bae, it’s a snack,’ he said ‘it’s an entrée/With them pretty-ass twins, you look like Beyoncé’” — Cardi B

Shoutout to Beyoncé’s twins, Sir and Rumi Carter!

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