5 Most Effective Ways to Avoid Election Day Angst, Ranked
Photo: Dave Nagel/Getty Images

5 Most Effective Ways to Avoid Election Day Angst, Ranked

We’re all gonna need a good distraction

5. Write a letter to the One Who Got Away

Emotions are running high this week. What better time to sip some vino while channeling your inner Future? “Hey babe, it’s been a long time. We living in a crazy moment, and I was just thinking about how crazy in love we used to be. This presidential election got me wanting to campaign in yo’ DMs for what we had. Can I count on your vote?”

4. Play video games

Listen, Nintendo doesn’t need any more of our coins this year. But the game nerds were truly onto something: Plugging into different worlds hardly gets old. Your fingers might not be as nimble as they were during the arcade days, but best believe the homies can still get this work in Street Fighter or NBA Jam. A shot of tequila for every “Boomshakalaka!”

3. Watch The Green Mile

If you’re gonna be miserable for like four hours, at least let there be some real Black boy magic involved.

2. Talk to your damn kids

The children definitely know shit ain’t sweet these days. We’re like 84 months into quarantine, so we’d understand if the conversations have grown stale. But Election Day serves as a prime opportunity to explain the shittiness of the circumstances they’ve been born into.

1. Call on Beyoncé to save the day

There are still few selections on Netflix more invigorating than Beyoncé’s Homecoming performance. Ditto for Black Is King on Disney+. Once those electoral college maps start lighting up Blood and Crip colors, these Black-ass displays of excellence are the perfect escape, if we D’usse so ourselves.

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