5 Sporting Events Snoop Dogg Should Commentate Next, Ranked
Photo: Juan Ocampo/Getty Image

5 Sporting Events Snoop Dogg Should Commentate Next, Ranked

After proving himself during Nate Robinson’s boxing match, it’s time for the rap legend to branch out

5. Bull riding

Get Snoop stoned and watch him come up with a mind-blowing analogy between a bull, a matador, and the art of pimpin’. Fo’shizzle!

4. Bobsledding

Actually, maybe we can just get him to resurrect his Snoop Lion persona and do a director’s cut commentary of Cool Runnings.

3. Golf

These games are slow and long as hell — they need an infusion of energy on the sideline. Plus, Snoop would be right in his element: surrounded by green. Ever see a golf cart on hydraulics?

2. Hockey

Let’s be honest: We’d all be watching for the fights. We’ve already heard Snoop’s hilarious boxing commentary — add skates and an ice rink, and he’ll get even colder.

1. Basketball

There’s no way he could hide his bias during Lakers broadcasts, but sound bites like “Puff, puff, pass the rock, nephew!” would make it all worthwhile. Chuck, Kenny, and Shaq: You’re on notice!

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