6 Rappers Who Should Definitely Compete on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Ranked
Photo: Afro Newspaper/Gado/Contributor

6 Rappers Who Should Definitely Compete on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Ranked

Whoa, Nelly!

6. Fast Life Yungstaz

Yes, there are three of them, which kinda fucks up the whole celebrity and professional dancer paired-up format. But to hell with the rules! Let’s just clear the stage for the most important one-hit wonders of the millennium and get a good ol’ swag surf going on national TV one time for the culture.

5. Soulja Boy

The digital rap pioneer planted his flag in hip-hop thanks to the multi-step choreography that snapped and crackled its way to the pop chart’s #1 spot. So of course we’d cape for the “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” creator, who had kids and grown folks alike looking silly as hell pantomiming Superman back in ’06.

4. MC Hammer

Hammertime is forever. Think he still has his genie pants?

3. Megan Thee Stallion

Let’s get a petition started: Bring twerking to Dancing With the Stars, dammit! Ratings would skyrocket, and who better than the owner of hip-hop’s sturdiest knees to body the comp?

2. Puff Daddy

Diddy already filmed his audition clip: the “Been Around the World” music video, in which he danced salsa with Jennifer Lopez in an interlude scene. Sure, that was more than two decades ago, but at 50 years old, we think dude has still got some flexibility in his joints. Let’s get it.

1. Drake

“Hotline Bling.” “Work.” “Toosie Slide.” (Well, nevermind that last one.) You’ve seen the music videos. Could you imagine the memes that would materialize if this man were bringing that same energy to primetime television weekly? We need this. You need this. The internet needs this.

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