6 TV Reunions No One Is Asking For, Ranked
Photo illustration, source: Charles Eshelman/Getty Images

6 TV Reunions No One Is Asking For, Ranked

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ homecoming is must-see TV, but don’t count on any of these happening

6. The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer

Having a reunion for this unfunny comedy premised on slavery would require actors to actually admit they took part, which we doubt anyone would do. We see you, Chi McBride!

5. Grey’s Anatomy

Sure, this warrants some sort of reunion. But it definitely won’t have Isaiah Washington’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs headass involved. He ruined that with the slurs and fighting that got him kicked off the damn show in the first place.

4. Community

This cult classic was way ahead of its time. But apparently Chevy Chase is a POS and everyone hated his entire guts. Nobody wanted to work with him — show writers even depicted him as a villain to reflect his real-life trashness. As long as Chevy is attached, good luck getting the rest of the cast to show up.

3. Dinosaurs

You saw the somber-as-fuck series finale (and hopefully have visited at least one natural history museum in your lifetime). Pour out a lil’ liquor for their entire species, fo’real.

2. Homeboys From Outer Space

You remember this show, right? Anyone? UPN was really on one.

1. Celebrity Apprentice

Who in the hell would want to be in the same room as Donald Trump for any televised endeavor? Lil Jon hates his guts. Omarosa was fired from his administration (and is similarly despised). Imagine these celebrities kicking it with the big ol’ racist. Maybe they can all visit him after his ass is thrown in jai — [loses signal].

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