Vince Staples
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

All 5 Episodes of 'The Vince Staples Show,' Ranked

How does the rapper/actor's Netflix series hold up?

5. White Boy

After a series of flashbacks of Vince waking up to his first day of school as a kid, adult Vince returns to his elementary school to speak to a group of kids. One of them says his father, known as White Boy, was a classmate of Vince and doesn't like him. This sets off a Quentin Tarantino-inspired chase—the origin of which is never explained—and a violent end that leaves the student fatherless and Vince muttering on the couch, "Not really" when his girlfriend, Deja, asks if anything interesting happened that day. Really? That's how you want to end the first season of your Netflix series?

4. Brown Family

A family reunion highlights the critical place mac & cheese has on big family outings, and why Vince's mom can't get along with the rest of the family. Vince takes over grilling duties after receiving wisdom from an elder about what to do when fame and money change the dynamic with all of Vince's relatives.

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3. Pink House

Stuck in jail for the day, Vince must endure an aspiring singer cribbing old R. Kelly melodies, a shiv artisan who is truly at the top of his craft, and police officers who just want to score tickets to one of his concerts. A pilot episode that sets the languid tone for all five episodes.

2. Black Business

The most explicitly satirical episode of the bunch, this one starts at the bank with Vince seeking a small business loan for Kapow! Pops cereal. He then bears witness to a bank robbery perpetrated by friends he grew up with. Rick Ross shows up in a cameo and the robbers ponder their life choices and exit strategy while Vince tries to play the angles as a non-hostage.

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1. Red Door

The most surreal episode of the bunch—about a janky amusement park and Vince's pursuit to buy chicken for Deja and her little brother—is also the funniest. Surly ticket-booth attendees, a psychotic mascot, a truly terrible magician, and a great line about Steve Harvey make us relive our worst theme-park memories.