6 Vegetarians Who Could Beat That Ass, Ranked
Mike Tyson. Photo: Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

6 Vegetarians Who Could Beat That Ass, Ranked

We know: The stereotype is tired. But you still don’t want beef with these green machines.

6. Christina Applegate

We won’t speculate on how this veteran actress gets down in real life. All we know is that she whooped Will Ferrell’s ass with a TV antenna in Anchorman. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

5. Chuck D

A legendary rapper who’s spent his whole career fighting the power? It’s probably no coincidence that Mistachuck rhymes with fisticuffs.

4. Erykah Badu

Ya better call Tyrone before you see those hands!

3. Magneto

This comic book antihero’s magnetic superpowers need no validation — but we bet his fellow X-Men mutants are glad that it’s not his psychic rival Professor X who lives a meat-free lifestyle. (Could you imagine? He’d use his telepathic powers literally every five minutes to remind everyone that he’s vegan.)

2. Literally any kangaroo

Sure, they’re portrayed as cute, cuddly Aussie animals in pop culture, chewing on grass and moss or whatever the hell they eat, storing their keepsakes in their handy-dandy stomach hole. But make no mistake, these marsupials want all the smoke — they start throwing paws and feet from a young age. You definitely want no parts of Roger.

1. Mike Tyson

Iron Mike didn’t always stick to a strict plant-based diet — Evander Holyfield can attest — but even though he’s 54, we wouldn’t dare even slap box with the sparring god.

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