The 7 Most Essential Hot Dog Toppings, Ranked
Photo: Ball Park Brand / Unsplash

The 7 Most Essential Hot Dog Toppings, Ranked

It's National Hot Dog Day—don't let your glizzy go bareback

7. Chili

The most divisive hot dog topping, because adding it automatically makes the thing a chili dog and there's no going back. Also, if it's beef chili, you're adding meat onto meat. Not everyone is into that kind of carnivorous stacking.

6. Sport peppers, pickle spears, and tomatoes

Since this is so specific to Chicago-style hot dogs (on a poppy-seed bun), we're lumping them together. Either you love this combo or you think it's to be avoided at all costs.

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5. Cheese

Versatile enough to be a good topper on a variety of dogs, whether it's shredded cheddar or melted nacho-style liquid.

4. Onions

Gives hot dogs that savory crunch and flavor, pairs well on chili dogs and most other varieties. Technically, it's a vegetable, so you can pretend that part of the meal is healthy.

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3. Relish

The only condiment on the list that is also a synonym for satisfaction, it's one of those foods that you may only ever eat on a hot dog, and that's totally fine.

2. Ketchup

Hear us out! It's not just little kids that like ketchup on a hot dog (and nothing else), it can be a sweet counterpoint to mustard (yes, you can do both) and you can even go get newer varieties of the stuff like spicy ketchup, curry ketchup, or sriracha. Don't be shamed into avoiding ketchup on your dog! Take a stand!

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1. Mustard

The Beastie Boys famously dissed, "Cheaper than a hot dog with no mustard." No other condiment is so associated with hot dog; even the emoji for hot dogs has a wave stripe of the yellow stuff on it. 🌭 You may not like mustard, but you can't deny its iconic status as the ultimate hot-dog topping.