9 More Celebrities Who Should Probably Sit This One Out, Ranked
Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images

9 More Celebrities Who Should Probably Sit This One Out, Ranked

What, you thought the first list was all of them?

9. King Bach

Look, we love cringey spoken word as much as the next person in 1996. And we love the commitment to rhyming “TikTok” and “kick rocks” on some “oops pow surprise!” shit. But having TAMAR RICE and BREOANNA TAYLOR written on your chest? Maybe you should’ve rhymed “well, heck” with “spell check.”

8. Virgil Abloh

We’re gonna keep it double-Virgil with you, man; there’s been very little about the past two weeks that’s been a good look for you.

7. Yvette Nicole Brown

Got any guesses as to who was right behind Virgil on the “property damage is just hurting yourselves, guys!” phone tree?

6. Lil Duval

Last we checked, living your best life doesn’t mean talking sideways about the Asian community, and then letting your followers get more sideways. At least you don’t cheat, we guess.

5. Nancy Pelosi

What kinda kente pandering-ass move is this?

4. Drew Brees

First came the statement that he’d never agree with anyone “disrespecting the flag” by kneeling during the national anthem. Then came, we can only assume, an intervention by his O-line. And then came the pièce de résistance: an apology post set to the tune of the Predator “we solved racism!” hand-clasp. Maybe it’s time for all Saints merch to replace “who dat?” with “this you?”

3. Gushers

What, y’all thought that just because we’d already talked about brands it was safe to issue a generic promise about “creating space to amplify that?” Not by a mile — er, foot!

2. Greg Glassman

You always figured that whoever founded CrossFit was into pain — you just didn’t think they were into disregarding and compounding other people’s suffering. Stick to burpees, clown.

1. Trina

After referring to protestors as “animals” who are “acting like they have escaped from a zoo,” Trina flipped her own script and apologized, claiming she’d been misunderstood. Uh-huh. Okay.

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