The 6.2 Most Annoying People You'll Encounter While Running a Race, Ranked
Photo: kim west / Unsplash

The 6.2 Most Annoying People You'll Encounter While Running a Race, Ranked

Dealing with other people is a marathon unto itself

6.2. Patty and Gerald—Seniors Who Are More Fit Than You

They're at every race, 60- and 70-something silver foxes who've spent their retirement years getting totally f**king ripped. They have great, acrobatic sex together for hours, probably, and are way faster than you, sonny.

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6. Mr. Tech-Head

They wear a $2,100 Garmin smart watch, have the fastest running shoes, a heart monitor, pricey earbuds and 18k gold Ray-Bans. Does any of that make them better runners? No, not at all. They'll piss and moan that their watch time was faster than the official race clock.

5. Baron Von Spit-Phlegm

Watch where you hawk that loogie, buddy, we're right behind you! And while we're talking about bodily fluids, STOP PEEING OUTSIDE DURING A RACE, MALE RUNNERS. It makes the women mad.

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4. Jasmine the Instagrammer

Wearing full makeup and a tutu, she's not there to run—she's there to snap pictures and look gorgeous for TikTok and the 'Gram.

3. Swag-Hoarder Lonnie

Free beer and donuts after the race? This person grabs five of each, siphoning the refreshments before slower runners get theirs. They also somehow managed to grab two race medals because they're just that greedy.

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2. Brett the Sniper

When you pass someone in a race, it's called a "kill." This mofo waits until you're right about to cross the finish line to speed up and pass you. He probably also snipes people like that on eBay. 

1. All These Cheaters

You're not impressing anyone cutting the route short to get a faster time. Yes, we're talking to ALL 11,000 OF YOU RACE CHEATERS.