Bad Bunny Gave Us a Reason to Watch the VMAs
Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

Bad Bunny Gave Us a Reason to Watch the VMAs

The rapper put his sexuality on full display during this year’s telecast, kissing both a man and a woman

Bad Bunny is the biggest musical artist in the world right now. He’d probably be even bigger if he made a couple of songs in English, but don’t expect that. It’s entirely his prerogative to stick to records that are almost entirely in Spanish; that’s ultimately what makes him so fascinating. Bad Bunny stays true to himself, never conforming. It’s a part of his strong sense of identity, so he performs, writes, and records his music in his native tongue. Speaking of tongues, did you see him kiss male and female backup dancers at the VMAs last night while he performed “Titi Mi Preguntó?”

Bad Bunny took home a Moonman for Artist of the Year, but considering he was slated to perform at Yankee Stadium that night, he couldn’t attend. The VMAs live-streamed his performance of “Titi Mi Preguntó?” and shots of him kissing both a female backup dancer and then a male caused so much uproar online—some positive, some negative, of course. It’s ironic how this all took place during a performance of a song based on Bad Bunny’s auntie hounding him about being a player and his menagerie of women. However, what’s significant in this moment is the biggest artist in the world—known for his forward-thinking and androgynous fashion choices—putting his ideas of sexual fluidity on full display. If Harry Styles stans are so emotionally distraught by his “queer-baiting” or whatever, maybe they should just download Duolingo.

Bad Bunny has previously kissed someone of the same sex in a music video, but this felt like something that will be referenced for years to come—the type of moment that will come up in career retrospectives when all is said and done. It doesn't feel like an act for the pure sake of titillation (see: Britney Spears kissing Madonna and Christina Aguilera). It felt like Bad Bunny was just being himself.

It’s still obvious the VMAs ain’t what they used to be. Its water-cooler convos are usually about how the show is awful, but the telecast isn’t completely devoid of must-see events. Even if the big moment doesn’t technically take place at the show.