It's Gonna Be a Barbie Christmas, Girl Dads

It's Gonna Be a Barbie Christmas, Girl Dads

Toy company, Mattel, plans to blitz this holiday season with the increase interest in the doll.

For damn near six months, it seemed like you couldn't go to a movie theater or browse an entertainment website without a trailer for the Barbie movie pinkifying your entire field of vision.

Guess what? Pink season is here to stay. The huge success of the movie means the toy company behind it, Mattel, is only going to double down on the resurgence of interest in the dolls after flagging sales the last few years.  

Investors are like, "Ok, NOW we're gonna get our payday" as Mattel plans to leverage the Barbie buzz into a full MCU-like cinematic universe with properties including Uno, Barney and Hot Wheels. But as for the Barbie line of toys itself, get ready for a holiday rush on the products like nothing we've ever seen before.

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Even as resale value on existing Barbie dolls is spiking, the toy company says it is planning a holiday toy blitz to take advantage of the movie's cultural moment and the fact that it will be available on streaming by then. Already, the company has released movie tie-in toys including a three-story DreamHouse, that are quickly selling out. More are on the way, with Mattel saying it's locked in 165(!) partnerships related to the movie.

That's a huge change from last year, when the company was dealing with unsold inventory of its Barbie products.

So if you're thinking it might be a pink Christmas and you have kids who are already on the Barbie hype train, our advice is this: buy early. Those store shelves might be empty if you wait 'til November.