Conservatives Are Butthurt Over a Connecticut Breakfast Cafe Named “Woke”
Photo: Alexandra Mendívil / Unsplash

Conservatives Are Butthurt Over a Connecticut Breakfast Cafe Named “Woke”

The so-called culture wars have reached peak stupidity

The so-called culture war is reaching a point of stupidity that is completely incomprehensible.

We’re well aware that racist people have a particular distaste for “woke,” which they basically have made into their own synonym for non-white. The lengths they’ll go to hating anything and everything woke is now at a level that’s lower than pathetic, just down below the gutter. A breakfast cafe in Coventry, a small town in Connecticut, has faced backlash and boycotts from conservatives because of its name: Woke Breakfast & Coffee.

You read that right. People are upset that a breakfast joint is called woke, which as far as Merriam-Webster is concerned, still means “to be or remain awake” or “the state of being awake.” It’s a perfectly normal name for a restaurant that sells eggs and coffee, but these snowflakes have to get roused up about something.

The restaurant's owner, Carmen Quiroga, spent six months renovating the space and developing the concept. Right around the time it was set to open, people complained in a private Facebook group. Comments got so tense, as they’re wont to do on that website, that admins had to jump in, expunge messages, and issue a warning: “Any more ridiculous comments about the name of the new breakfast place in town will be deleted.”

Quiroga, who wasn’t even familiar with the slang connotation of woke, was worried she might face financial ruin if people didn’t patronize the shop. Ironically, it became a hit, resulting in the other type of stress new restaurant owners can face that can lead to bad reviews—long wait times and sold-out items. It makes sense. Mexican breakfast, which is the theme of the cuisine at Woke, is the best type of breakfast food. Huevos rancheros was likely some sort of revelation to people in the middle-of-nowhere Connecticut. You could even say it woke something up inside of them.

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