Dr. Dre vs. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is the First Truly Weird Beef of 2023
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Dr. Dre vs. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is the First Truly Weird Beef of 2023

The Georgia congresswoman received a cease-and-desist letter for unauthorized use of “Still D.R.E.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the congresswoman currently serving Georgia’s 14th District, got a cease and desist letter from Dr. Dre’s lawyers because she used the rap legend’s music without his permission. Greene posted a video on Twitter that used “Still D.R.E,” the (Jay-Z penned) lead single from Dr. Dre’s second solo studio album, 2001.

It would make a lot of sense that Dr. Dre would not want to be associated with Greene, who is easily one of the biggest freaks in Congress. She believes Jews are shooting space lasers to start wildfires in California. She’s a Q-anon nut who has insinuated that President Obama is a Muslim. This 9/11 truther thinks mass shootings are false flags and that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, amongst a host of other nonsense. She’s almost as screwed up in the head as the dude Dre traded bars with on “Guilty Conscience.”

Dr. Dre’s lawyers sent Greene a letter where they demanded the song’s removal from any political or promotional ads. In that letter, Dr. Dre’s lawyer, Howard E. King, went in on how an elected official who is allegedly supposed to uphold the law has a flimsy understanding of it. In a statement to TMZ, the mogul stated he does not “license my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one.” Within a couple of hours, the video in question was removed from Twitter and replaced with a familiar message: "This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

In response to the controversy, a spokesperson for Greene sent a message back to Dr. Dre that read: “While I appreciate the creative chord progression, I would never play your words of violence against women and police officers, and your glorification of the thug life and drugs.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, give me a break, lady. These new right-wing Republicans are more thirsty for beef than a young Curtis Jackson.

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