May Jan. 6 Forever Be Remembered As the Dumbest Day in American History
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May Jan. 6 Forever Be Remembered As the Dumbest Day in American History

Thousands violently stormed the Capitol all because they believed a big, stupid lie

On Jan. 6, 2021, thousands of people stormed the United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Some had violence on their minds, others were there for the thrill of vandalism. But nearly every single person in attendance was in some way a follower of former president Donald J. Trump. And that day shall forever be remembered as a grotesque display of stupidity and assumed white supremacy.

The insurrection was one of many boiling points our fractured nation has seen in the past decade, but this one was unique in that it was a hysterical temper tantrum. A group of people were so beside themselves they did not get their way because the white supremacist view is that in the Western world, the socially constructed white race has been ordained by God to hold power and influence. Trump, the bumbling moron who positioned himself as the face of American white supremacy, concocted a conspiracy that he never lost the 2020 presidential election, rather, the whole balloting process was rigged in his disfavor.

The Big Lie came to a head that day when the class of people who allegedly believe in “law and order,” the constitution, and the police attempted to insurrect the government. In their wake, they left feces smeared along walls, destruction of government facilities, terrified congresspeople, more than 100 injured cops, and a total of five police officers dead (four by suicide).

It’s equal parts disturbing and sad that America is home to so many people who are gullible clowns.

The events that took place on Jan. 6 are not as tragic as 9/11, as some liberal talking heads will lead you to believe. Nor was the riot “legitimate political discourse,” as the Republican Party has officially described it. As far as modern history comparisons go, it’s more like a more dire version of the 2017’s Unite the Right rally, in which tiki torch-wielding racists clashed with counter protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, resulting in the vehicular attack that killed Heather Heyer, among several other non-fatal injuries. The fact that each of these incidents bookend Trump’s presidency will tell future generations all they need to know about 45’s chaotic reign.

The biggest tragedy of Jan. 6 is the proof that if America is the greatest country at anything, it’s number-one at having a populace that’s hollow between the ears and lacks basic media literacy. Thousands made it out to the Capitol, but millions from sea to shining sea were right along with them in spirit. A good number of these people knew the ruse was just an attempt to subvert a peaceful transfer of power incited by our former fascist-in-chief, but on the other hand, many believed in their cause deep down in their hearts. It’s equal parts disturbing and sad that America is home to so many people who are gullible clowns. I assume if you ask them what’s two plus two, they’d respond with a guttural “lock her up!”

Jan. 6th is an important day in United States history because it showed how threadbare the defense of democracy is. It’s a milestone display of the lengths the far right will go to uphold democracy. But what’s so shocking is that millions of your neighbors and fellow countrypeople are idiots of the highest order who’ll believe in anything. Not to sow the seeds of division in this country—as if they ever needed a watering bucket—but that’s the biggest danger of all: stupid, violent people hellbent on a fictitious cause.

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