Drake’s 5 Most Convincing Accents, Ranked
Photo source: Ian West/PA Images/Getty Images

Drake’s 5 Most Convincing Accents, Ranked

Dude, where’s my country?

5. Spanish

Drake’s Rosetta Stone namedrop on “Over” presaged his Spanish rhyming on collaborations with Bad Bunny and Romeo Santos. ¿Ya tú sabes?

4. U.K.

Mans is no wasteman. Mans been hittin’ the Brit glossary extra, innit.

3. Patois

Shaky warrior, shaky accent. Ya dun know, seen?

2. Southern

Spending so much time in Houstatlantavegas and with family in Memphis, you’re bound to pick up a drawl somewhere along the way.

1. Toronto

“It’s actually funny because I think when I first came in the industry, I think I felt this pressure to ‘be American’ and sound American,” Drake told BBC’s 1Xtra Rap Show last year. “I think now that we are all so proud to be from Toronto, we start talking more like how we talk.” Eh?

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