Future’s 6 Saddest Sadboy Songs, Ranked
Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images

Future’s 6 Saddest Sadboy Songs, Ranked

We can’t see it comin’ down his eye

6. “Sorry”

If you thought Future doesn’t have regrets about all the women (and children!) he’s left, then… well, he doesn’t. But at the very least he’s apologetic if you felt a way about it.

5. “56 Nights”

This song about the downward spiral of spending damn near two months in a Saudi prison — based on his own DJ’s experience — is legitimately sad. Nothing emo about the carceral state, y’all.

4. “Codeine Crazy”

Taking women to Chipotle is a different level of dark. We’re happy he came to terms with it.

3. “Purple Reign”

As if we needed any reminder, Pluto can be a baby, and here he’s pining for the girlfriend he always ends up ducking on. Or it’s all just a metaphor and he’s talking to that drank. Either way.

2. “Throw Away”

Don’t be fooled by the slick-talk intro. By the song’s midpoint, Future has already resolved that he’s gonna get cheated on. “Fuck that n***a, get it over with” is some A1 sardonicism. Or narcissism. Or both.

1. “Kno the Meaning”

Everything from this track of DS2, from the opening keys to the tales of rapping for crowds that doubted him to the broken heart to the fact that he lost a hard drive’s worth of music when his DJ got detained in Dubai, screams loneliness. He’s never sounded more self-effacing — and yet, he croons, he has even more to endure. There’s no stopping this pity party!

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