8 Reasons The Grinch Was Right All Along, Ranked
Photo: Geoffrey Moffett / Unsplash

8 Reasons The Grinch Was Right All Along, Ranked

Oh, the Who-Manity!

8. He is proud of the body that God (er, Dr. Seuss) gave him

The Grinch proudly parades around nude, flaunting his pooch, his floppy furry fingertips, and his pointy head. You won't see him investing in hair plugs, getting liposuction, or at the salon trying to get candy cane French tips like the Whos probably do. That confidence works: In the Jim Carrey version at least, Martha May Whovier can't keep her eyes (and hands, presumably) off this Grinch and his special Christmas package.

7. He uses spite as fuel

He didn't start the fight with the town of Whoville, yet instead of wallowing in his misery, our man takes action. Yes, it's evil revenge action, but at least he's off the couch and doing something!

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6. He savors his alone time

The Whos are all living on top of each other like New Yorkers, never giving each other personal space or time to reflect on their own inner conflicts. The Grinch makes time for The Grinch.

5. He led the reuse/reduce/recycle movement

The Grinch is crafty, using the trash of Whoville to make himself a (probably zero-emission) homestead.  He doesn’t let good food go to waste.  He's a damn eco-warrior. 

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4. He knows that mobs suck

When a whole town hates and ostracizes The Grinch, like the Whos do, you begin to see the evil of mob mentality and autocratic rule.

3. He has healthy disrespect for conformity

While all the Whos are in lockstep about how Christmas should be, The Grinch has the audacity of hope to think differently and change s**t up.

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2. He enjoys the company of a dog more the humans

Real talk, most dogs are nicer than ALL people and love you unconditionally—no matter how grinchy you might be.

1. He thinks Christmas is too commercial

Until he suffers from an alarming case of cardiomegaly, the Grinch despises the over-the-top gift exchanging and overspending of the holidays. In the end, he's the one who helps the Whos realize Christmas is about the gift of spending time with loved ones.