Herschel Walker Has Found Himself in Yet Another Scandal
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Herschel Walker Has Found Himself in Yet Another Scandal

It appears the former NFL star and Senate hopeful had some shadiness going on with his political campaign

The Daily Beast says it has uncovered a major financial scandal, but you won't be surprised who it involves: scandal-prone former NFL star Herschel Walker.

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According to The Daily Beast, Walker was running for U.S. Senate in Georgia last year when he emailed Dennis Washington asking for campaign donations. But apparently, Walker wasn't just asking for money to fund the campaign; he was also requesting money that he would use for his own company, HR Talent, LLC. The sum he wanted? $535,200, which presumably could have purchased enough yard signs and attack commercials to make a difference in his Senate run-off against Raphael Warnock (or maybe not).

Apparently, Washington complied, but thought the money was for the campaign, not the business. According to experts The Daily Beast spoke to, it could be a violation of federal fundraising rules or even wire fraud. There's still some question as to where the money ended up since it was never rerouted to Walker's super PAC. Did he give the money back to Washington once it was clear some rules were being broken and the money couldn't be used for HR Talent?

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Was it nefarious or just incompetent for Walker to ask for company money in the first place? Walker is apparently worth between $29 million and $62 million; why did he need money from a donor for his personal business? Was Walker's wife, who apparently tried to profit from the campaign, part of all this?

We don't know all the answers so far, but we do know this: Don't give money to Herschel Walker, there's no telling where it might go!