Jay-Z’s Collaboration Albums, Ranked
Photo illustration. Source Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Jay-Z’s Collaboration Albums, Ranked

And yes, we included A Written Testimony

6. ‘Unfinished Business’ (with R. Kelly)

Should’ve tag-teamed with Usher instead.

5. ‘Collision Course’ (with Linkin Park)

Someone call State Farm! The mashup project that no one asked for bagged a Grammy for its Frankensteined single “Numb/Encore.”

4. ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ (with R. Kelly)

R. Kelly’s personal demons have unfortunately stricken this otherwise sound project from the Jay-Z canon.

3. ‘A Written Testimony’ (with Jay Electronica)

Five Percenter Hov shows he can still rap better than 100% of his peers, appearing on eight of 10 tracks from Jay Electronica’s debut LP.

2. ‘Everything Is Love’ (with Beyoncé)

The Carters put their love — and mutual rap skills — on top for a spiritual sequel to Watch The Throne.

1. ‘Watch The Throne’ (with Kanye West)

That shit cray.

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