Ozzy Osbourne Stupidly Compares Racism to Pedophilia
Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ozzy Osbourne Stupidly Compares Racism to Pedophilia

Give me a break

Sharon and Ozzy Osborne visited the Good Morning America set to discuss a host of topics. They talked about Ozzy’s health, how performing makes him feel alive, moving back to England, an upcoming docuseries about Sharon’s life, and how being called a racist is like being called a pedophile. Wait, what?

This stems from a controversy last year in which, during an episode of daytime TV show The Talk, Sharon defended her longtime friend Piers Morgan's disparaging comments about Meghan Markle. Her aggressive, defensive, dismissive, and arrogant behavior towards her co-hosts—particularly Sheryl Underwood—ultimately got her fired. The idea here was since Morgan casts such fervent doubt that Markle could have possibly been subject to racism, he is racist. And since Sharon would have his back noisily and publicly, she, too, is a racist.

It’s hard to argue against when Morgan took his bruised ego over to noted extreme racist Tucker Carlson for a sympathetic interview on the matter. And Sharon herself, after the interview aired, was put on blast for several racist comments, among them calling Holly Robison Peete too ghetto, which Robinson Peete claims led to her own ousting from The Talk.

So, over a year later, on Good Morning America, Ozzy defends his wife from public criticism, saying, “when you’re accused of that, by saying, ‘I’m not racist,’ it’s like being accused of [being] a pedophile.”

This is insane. I’d say only a man who would bite the head off a live bat could come up with this, rabies wreaking havoc on his brain and all. But that would be a lie. It’s par for the course for how White people think about racism in 2022. It’s unimaginably horrible to be called racist in their eyes. They consider it a scourge on their morality. However, their solution is to just move the goalposts. Rather than refraining from racism, White folks just reframe it into whatever is contrary to their (racist) actions or ideas. They never learn or do better because they don’t truly care to.

On Good Morning America, Sharon dubiously said she got an education from the ordeal but added she has “no regrets” and is no longer “saying sorry 'cause [she’s] not, cause [she] didn't do anything wrong, except ask questions.”

Anyways, in other news, these people’s queen is dead.