Here's Every Character Played by Martin Lawrence on ‘Martin’, Ranked

Here's Every Character Played by Martin Lawrence on ‘Martin’, Ranked

Martin played his part—and then some

9. King Beef

Martin’s take on a blaxploitation star also recalled the dance-happy MC Hammer.

8. Bob

Every Black comedian’s go-to gag is cracking on wypipo; Martin donned whiteface and a blond wig to play Gina’s surfer dude co-worker.

7. Elroy Preston

When he’s not fixing cars, Elroy croons his personal soundtrack, the ’60s-styled “Don’t You Know No Good.”

6. Ol’ Otis

Martin donned a plush suit to play this rent-a-cop with a chip on his shoulder.

5. Edna (Mama) Payne

Martin’s overbearing, mustachioed mama routinely meddled in her son’s relationship.

4. Dragonfly Jones

There’s really nothing wrong with being 36 in a karate class — unless you get your ass kicked as consistently as Martin’s martial artist alter ego.

3. Roscoe

This miniature Martin regularly antagonized Gina with his age-inappropriate comments and a perpetually snotty upper lip.

2. Jerome

As one of the original playas from the Himalayas, Jerome has had perhaps the most enduring legacy of Martin’s fictional characters — back in 2012, he went viral when his vintage clips were mashed-up with Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” video. (A rumor that the rapper was sued by a co-creator of the show for copyright infringement proved to be false.)

1. Sheneneh Jenkins

Say what you will about the troublesome history of Black comics in drag, but Sheneneh’s stereotypical, project chick persona serves up laughs every time she touches the screen.

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