Ray J’s One Wish Is for KarJenner Klan to Tell the Truth
Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Ray J’s One Wish Is for KarJenner Klan to Tell the Truth

The singer’s got receipts (and an epic rant) that indicate Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner orchestrated sex tape controversy for fame

Never in a million years could you have guessed that James Cordon would be a key catalyst for what might go down as Ray J’s most epic rant of all time. Yet here we are. On a recent episode of the Late Late Show, Cordon asked Kris Jenner, who was hooked up to a lie detector test, if she helped facilitate the release of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. The infamous momager said no, and the polygraph examiner, John Grogan, gave the answer the thumbs up. This pushed Ray J to go scorched Earth on Instagram live, basically stating that his one wish is that those people stop playing in everyone’s faces.

In typical Ray J fashion, the rant is equal parts comedy and drama. He frequently plugged his business ventures, made proclamations that he’s in “DR,” complained about his buddy’s awful skills on a projector, and called Grogan a fraud. If the idea that Jenner helped release the sex tape is nothing new to you because it’s been a rumor for quite some time—or if you don’t find the drama of receipts all that enticing—it’s worth pressing play on the video for one of the year’s best comedic performances. If messy is your middle name, though, Ray J’s IG Live is solid gold.

Ray J presents a cadre of evidence that Jenner is the mastermind behind the controversy, suggesting she planned and watched all of the footage (including an unreleased bit taped in Santa Barbara) and selected what would be released. Weirdo behavior! He goes as far as showing images of a contract he alleges has Kim Kardashian’s handwriting and ultimately accuses Kardashian and Jenner of manufacturing the entire controversy from top to bottom in order to achieve superstardom. Doesn’t seem like they had the wrong idea about all that.

The singer also took umbrage at a plot line from the first season of Hulu’s The Kardashians that saw Kim panicking over an ad that her son saw on Roblox that teased what is presumably the aforementioned Santa Barbara footage. Ray J claims the entire narrative, which saw Kanye West scrambling to retrieve a laptop with footage, was concocted for the show.

It’s unlikely that Ray J exposing the Big Lie will put any dent in the KarJenner empire that likely has just as many lies, skeletons, and spins on the truth as the United States government, but it sure does make for some compelling entertainment. What’s certain is that he’s tired of being thrown under the bus.