The 5 Best ‘Moneybagg Joe’ Memes, Ranked
Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Getty Images

The 5 Best ‘Moneybagg Joe’ Memes, Ranked

🎶 That stimmy he just put out he coulda kept… 🎶

5. Oval Office Bones Joe

The plaits. The Henny. What more can we say? There’s a resolute man at the Resolute Desk.

4. Vato Joe

The photo’s cropped, but we’re gonna go ahead and guess there’s a crispy pair of Cortez lurking somewhere out of frame.

3. Joekashi Stim9ine

Deepfakes may be democratized to the point you can make them on a damn app, but that doesn’t make the result any less entertaining.

2. Ben & Jerry’s Dunks Joe

Pantonesplosion aside, nothing says “I put that $1,400 to good use” like a federal-face pendant and a campaign tee!

1. Corner Store Joe

Name us a POTUS who pulls off the Newport matching set with this much savoir faire. We’ll wait.