The 5 Meatless Burgers Least Likely to Offend Non-Vegetarians, Ranked
Photo: Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images

The 5 Meatless Burgers Least Likely to Offend Non-Vegetarians, Ranked

We’re not eating anything called Quorn, but we can make room on our plate for these

5. Gardenburger Original

The OG of this shit. Yeah, it’s a bit of a relic in this age of protein-rich plant-based burgers — basically mushrooms, onions, brown rice, and rolled oats, it feels straight out of a ’70s food co-op — but you gotta respect the architect. (Unless you’re vegan; it’s got cheese in it, too.)

4. Chili’s black bean burger

Real talk, one of the best things you’ve never ordered from a chain menu. Black bean burgers are a tough needle to thread; grocery store versions are always drier than Mike Pence’s palate, so best to make them yourself or get them at a restaurant. If you’re looking to avoid meat but also the wild food-science feats that go into most alternatives, just rock with the humble legume.

3. MorningStar Farms Grillers Prime

“Textured vegetable protein” — aka soy burgers — is a longtime staple of the meatless burger world, and no one in the freezer aisle does it better than this one. The regular Griller is fine, but the “Prime” version adds something that makes it… well, a more burger-like experience. What is it? We’ve tried, but can’t figure it out. (Please don’t tell us it’s people.)

2. Impossible Burger

The first plant-based burger that really manages to mimic the mouthfeel and taste of a beef burger (it even uses a part of the soybean plant to mimic blood), it’s been adopted by a gang of fast food and chain restaurants, and with good reason. Burger King and White Castle already know: Shit is fire.

1. Beyond Burger

Better than Impossible? It’s possible: Beyond’s spin on the so-realistic-you-could-fool-a-carnivore burger comes out a nose ahead. (They also make bomb-ass Italian sausages and breakfast patties, which have made their way onto menus at Dog Haus and Dunkin’, respectively.) If you’re dating a vegetarian, or it’s Lent, or you’re just trying to ease into eating less meat, you can’t go wrong with a great Beyond.

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