The 5 Most Ridiculous Myths About HBCUs, Ranked
Photo illustration; source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The 5 Most Ridiculous Myths About HBCUs, Ranked

Class is in session

5. They’re all party schools

Name one scenario where people in their late teens and early twenties live exclusively in one community and shenanigans don’t ensue. We’ll wait. Those who trot out this tired stereotype with racist undertones willfully fail to mention the beer pong and keg stands and ratchet-ass underage students depicted in damn near every movie set at a White college ever. (All that said, nothing tops homecoming festivities at a Black college!)

4. HBCUs lack diversity

Sure, historically Black colleges and universities are Black as hell. But news flash: Black culture is not a monolith. Many of these schools attract students from all around the country, with their own regional lifestyles and opinions on fast food restaurants (hot take: Jack in the Box is trash). Plus, international students from the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere all emerge on these campuses, showing Blackness in more shades than you could imagine.

3. Graduates aren’t able to find jobs after college

The second-highest office in the land is soon to be occupied by a Black woman who graduated from Howard University. Moving right along…

2. They promote racism and segregation

So the institutions that were literally founded to provide schooling for those who were disenfranchised and denied access to higher education by racist-ass White folks back in the day are perpetuating racism? Make it make sense! Those who repeat this nonsense are the same people who believe HBCUs are no longer necessary because we’re living in a post-racial America — despite the fact that we spent most of 2020 marching against inescapable systemic racism.

1. They’re not as good as PWIs

See #3. Thank you, and good night.

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