The 5 Most Triflin’-Ass Scammers, Ranked
Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

The 5 Most Triflin’-Ass Scammers, Ranked

Salute those for whom creepin’ on a come-up is a core competency!

5. T.I.

Earlier this year, dude was fined by the SEC for promoting fraudulent cryptocurrency. And more recently, he claimed tea cured his case of Covid-19 because the virus “starts in the throat” — so he might just be a snake oil salesman, too. Whatever the case, unless it’s music he’s slangin’, it’s best to steer clear.

4. Tyrone Hankerson

Some wouldn’t call what Tyrone Hankerson (allegedly) did — embezzling funds from Howard University to reward himself trips, drip, and luxuries that most undergrads could only dream of — a scam. But it sure did look like he was having a damn good time (allegedly) spending other people’s money.

3. Joanne the Scammer

Perhaps the most beloved scammer to ever scam. A finesse gawd among mere swindlers. The perfect parody of housewives who can’t help but to swipe shit from department stores. Salute a fur-coat-wearing icon in a wobbly wig who stays on the run.

2. Donald Trump

This man has escaped impeachment and tax evasion, and is trying to scam his way to a second presidential election as we type these very words! This placement is reward for the sheer gall of trying to pull off the ultimate coup on an entire country. Respect. (Also, you’re going to jail, dude.)

1. Don King

Some balls this guy had. Mans scammed some of the greatest fighters in history out of millions of dollars — guys like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes — and lived to tell about it. All hail the skeevy sultan of scamming.

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