The 5 Real Kings of Staten Island, Ranked
Hassan Johnson as Weebay in The Wire. Photo: HBO

The 5 Real Kings of Staten Island, Ranked

Sorry, Pete Davidson

5. Colin Jost

It’s hard to call yourself the king of NYC’s forgotten borough when there’s another cast member on your own TV show who stakes a better claim than you do.

4. Emilio Estevez

Despite what Wikipedia tells you (sorry, Bronx), Martin Sheen’s nonembarrassing actor son was born on the floor of his parent’s apartment in Shaolin. Plus he was married to Paula Abdul during Peak Abdul. That’s list material right thurr.

3. Selita Ebanks

The onetime Victoria’s Secret model was born in the Cayman Islands, but grew up in Staten Island… which, honestly, is all you need to place above Pete Davidson.

2. The Wu-Tang Clan

The fact that Staten Island enters any hip-hop conversation — hell, the fact that we called it “Shaolin” a few items up — tells you everything you need to know.

1. Hassan Johnson

Who? Wee-Bey! The meme legacy alone tosses him to the front of the pack, but when you add in how his beloved Wire character stacked up charges for the Barksdale crew like Legos, the undisputed champ is clear.

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