The 6 Greatest Black Vampires, Ranked
Photo: Marvel Enterprises

The 6 Greatest Black Vampires, Ranked

What’s good, blood?

6. The Count

Surprised to see The Count in this countdown? Sesame Street’s resident bloodsucker is a straight up Black virtuoso. A caped-style gawd, a number cruncher, and — as Dave Chappelle reminds us — a certifiable pimp when the sun goes down. The Count’s legend speaks for itself. Ask about him.

5. Akasha

Sure, Aaliyah got sadly limited screen time in her final big screen role, but the image of the R&B superstar in Queen of the Damned is as immortal as the royal character she played.

4. Maximilian

Eddie Murphy’s wig sucked, but his role in Vampire in Brooklyn — in which he searches for an undead mate to continue his species’ existence — is an eternally laughable cult classic.

3. Tara

Rutina Wesley’s True Blood character was a hothead who was quick to cuss someone out — but she dodged the angry Black woman trope by bringing depth and vulnerability to the HBO series.

2. Blacula

The OG Black vampire (played by William Marshall) sunk his fangs into slavery and racism in this 1972 horror blaxploitation film of the same name.

1. Blade

Everything about Blade as a vampire who hunts vampires screams “I will fuck your pale ass up,” and Wesley Snipes delivers on that promise every chance he gets. Your man is surgical with the katana and even more deadly with the choppa. That versatility, along with the leather ninja drip — not to mention being able to walk outside in the light of day — makes him one of the coldest cold-blooded draculites ever.

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