The 7 Members of New Edition, Ranked
Photo source: Soul Train/Contributor/Getty Images

The 7 Members of New Edition, Ranked

🎵Cannn… youuu… standdd… the… raaank?🎵

7. Johnny Gill

S-Curl Johnny had pipes of steel. Too bad he was born with two left feet. His dancing in any music video from Heart Break is just… off.

6. Ricky Bell

The blue-collar hero of New Edition. He came in, got the job done, went home. After New Edition, he was Bell Biv Devoe’s steady voice. Honestly, he doesn’t get enough credit. Shame on this completely accurate list.

5. Ronnie DeVoe

Whether he could sing or not is irrelevant. Ronnie’s dance skills were smoother than a swig of Paradis. In retrospect, some record label should have snatched him up, given him a solo deal, and molded him into the male Paula Abdul. What? Let’s not act like she was belting runs IRL.

4. Brook Payne

No Brook, no NE. Do your Googles and get ta steppin’!

3. Michael Bivins

Michael Bivins’ mama didn’t raise no fool. He took a crash course in music industry business and took his talents to BBD. Thank him for Boyz II Men and Another Bad Creation. Forgive him for MC Brains.

2. Ralph Tresvant

You call it an obligatory curveball. We call it making hard decisions. Yes, Ralph sang lead on 99.9% of New Edition’s catalog and almost made the Shag a thing, but we’re deducting critical points for his almost-massive, self-titled solo album.

1. Bobby Brown

“Mr. Telephone Man.” Don’t Be Cruel. Whitney Houston. Being Bobby Brown. Maybe not the last one, but you know the vibes!

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