The 8 Best Flavors of Cheerios, Ranked
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The 8 Best Flavors of Cheerios, Ranked

They’re not all cheery, yo

8. Maple Cheerios

You may not be able to blame Canada for this ill-conceived attempt to turn syrup into cereal — but that won’t stop us from trying!

7. Cheerios (original flavor)

You’d think these would taste better than you remember, but nope. They’re still like munching on crumbly chalk. Babies only like them because they are completely bland and flavorless. Go season some food, babies.

6. Chocolate Cheerios

Only a slight step up from the kinds of sugar-coated cereals you usually prefer to Cheerios. They won’t make you go cuckoo, but the low-key chocolate flavor hits a nice note.

5. Oat Crunch Cinnamon

This falls into the category of semi-Cheerios, in which General Mills adds more universally enjoyable ingredients — nuts, flakes, etc. — to make something that is not completely Cheerios. (See also: Honey Nut Medley Crunch.) Here, more is more, although purists might not care for all the extra crackle.

4. Apple Cinnamon

Like Fruity Cheerios, it’s an unexpected improvement on a classic (Apple Jacks) that manages to be less sickly sweet.

3. Frosted

Good texture. Not overly sugary. A game-changer. Since these debuted in 1995, folks have been pouring up piles of the white and going face-first like Tony Montana.

2. Fruity Cheerios

A strangely satisfying Froot Loops knockoff that has no business being this good. This spinoff improves on its inspiration with more muted coloring and less of a sugar rush. (The blueberry and strawberry flavors, both similar in taste, could easily take this slot, too.)

1. Honey Nut Cheerios

Sweet, but not too sweet. Perfectly crunchy even in milk (if you hurry). Forget Folgers — this is the best part of waking up, word to the cereal’s mascot, Buzz, an activist bee!

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