The 8 Worst Interracial Buddy Action Movies, Ranked

The 8 Worst Interracial Buddy Action Movies, Ranked

For every Beverly Hills Cop or Blazing Saddles, there’s a … well, this

8. ‘Rush Hour’ (1998)

We’re not gonna even dignify the sequels by acknowledging them. Instead, we’re happy to bestow Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan with the Least Worst award — joining the lone not-racist Cracker Barrel, Madea Goes to Jail, and homie with the locs from Young Black Teenagers.

7. ‘Running Scared’ (1986)

So Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines play Chicago undercover cops, and — wait, sorry, what? Never has a movie title so perfectly described our physical reaction to the premise.

6. ‘Cop Out’ (2010)

Bruce Willis has played a cop in some pure classics. This isn’t one of them. Tracy Morgan, you did what you could.

5. ‘Nothing to Lose’ (1997)

No shots at Tim Robbins or Martin Lawrence, but … well, the evidence speaks for itself.

4. ‘Money Talks’ (1997)

Bless up to director Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker for having two bangers on this list! You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Charlie Sheen go full Angry White Dude Doing a Racist Rendition of Slang — and seen Smokey smoke his ass in return.

3.’ Taxi’ (2004)

Queen Latifah can do no wrong. Jimmy Fallon, however, can. And this shit is all kinds of wrong. To quote Roger Ebert’s original review (RIP to a woke king): “Oh, this is a bad movie.”

2. ‘Get Hard’ (2015)

Will Ferrell’s a funny-ass dude, but ironic racism isn’t one of his best looks. It didn’t work with his pimp act in The Other Guys, and it doesn’t work even harder under the tutelage of Kevin Hart when he’s playing a hedge fund manager trying to get ready for a San Quentin bid.

1. ‘Bulletproof’ (1996)

Disappointment (/ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntmənt/)
Remember when this came out, and you were like “Major Payne and Happy Gilmore! What could go wrong?” And then you heard that Ernest Dickerson, the dude who made Juice, had directed it? But then you saw it?

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