The 9 Most Iconic “Brothers,” Ranked
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The 9 Most Iconic “Brothers,” Ranked

Shoutout to National Siblings Day!

9. Parker Brothers

All hail the storied purveyors of Monopoly, Sorry!, Clue, and other games that make you wanna box.

8. The Neville Brothers

Long live Aaron Neville — a soul music great and face tat pioneer — who sang alongside his brothers, Art, Charles, and Cyril, for decades.

7. Super Mario Bros.

Through more than 30 years of Nintendo products, this pair of Italian plumbers violently hurled tortoise shells, romped with a giant gorilla, engaged in raccoon tanooki cosplay, raced cars around the world, and played giddy-up with a green dinosaur — not to mention their solo adventures as ghostbusters, doctors, and typing teachers. Shrooms: Is there anything they can’t do?

6. The Jungle Brothers

The founders of the Native Tongues collective brought the bounce of house music to hip-hop and made the best Sesame Street reference of all time.

5. The Funk Brothers

Long before Bad Boy’s in-house production group the Hitmen shaped the sound of rap in the ’90s, this crew of music makers played on several of Motown’s greatest hits of the ’60s (see: The Temptations’ “My Girl” or The Supremes’ “Baby Love”).

4. Hughes Brothers

Tupac Shakur’s least favorite brotherhood is responsible for some classic Black cinema (Menace II Society, Dead Presidents).

3. Brothers Johnson

Aside from releasing “Stomp!” and the oft-sampled “Strawberry Letter 23,” these singing-ass guitarists chose Lightnin’ Licks and Thunder Thumbs as their monikers. Icons.

2. The Wayans Brothers

You wouldn’t want to get caught in the crossfire of a game of dozens with Keenan Ivory, Damon, Shawn, and Marlon. The Wayans forever changed television (In Living Color) and perfected the parody genre (Scary Movie) — not to mention the theme song game. Even their cringiest works have redeeming laughs.

1. The Isley Brothers

The majority of heads on this list were likely conceived to an Isley Brothers song (okay, maybe not Mario and Luigi), which makes these guys a lock for #1 soul brothers.

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