The Fashion In Mr. & Mrs. Smith is the Star of the Donald Glover Reboot
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The Fashion In Mr. & Mrs. Smith is the Star of the Donald Glover Reboot

The show's main character fight crime in style.

Are you up on the sartorial excellence in Donald Glover's Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot? The Amazon show, starring Glover and Maya Erskine, has rolled out some incredible fashion looks that, according to the show's fashion overseer, Madeline Weeks, was inspired by Corolyn Bessette, a young Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, and Steve McQueen.

"Every single thing [Donald Glover] wears—and pretty much everybody—is really considered," Weeks told MACRO's UpRising newsletter. "We would tailor and have fittings and talk about how things fit, how he ran in something, the colors. We wanted that element of luxury, things that could be coveted, but not scream fashion."

Weeks, who spent 20 years as GQ's fashion director, brings fashion elegance with the use of pieces that the audience would incorporate in their real lives. There's the perfect-fitting Rick Owens tank top and the green Celine jacket worn by Glover in the first episode just to name a few. The brand that she was most excited to bring to the small screen was the house that Jerry Lorenzo built. "The minute you see [Donald] pop the collar on his Fear of God windbreaker—I love that brand—it's like, game on."

Although the show has been criticized for its questionable romantic chemistry between its two stars, no one can deny being infatuated with the drip.