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9 Things White People Never Have to Think About, Ranked

White people never have to worry about these nine realities for people of color

9. Getting followed around in stores 

Hey, we're just trying to buy an iPhone charging cable, not executing an Ocean's Eleven-style heist at Dollar Tree.

8. Getting profiled outside of stores 

If only people got left alone outside of the retail environment. But really, it happens everywhere.

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7. Getting unwanted hair attention at work

Have they never heard Solange’s song? Touching someone's hair without asking should be an automatic call to HR. (And not just because some fingers might get broken.)

6. Whether they have an advantage

Call it privilege or just getting the benefit of the doubt all the time.

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5. Being wrongly accused of anything

And if the accusation sticks, a conviction is way more likely if you're not white. 

4. Targeted racial hate crimes

Especially if you live in a big city, you're more likely to get attacked as a racial minority. 

3. Inadvertently playing into stereotypes

In everything from choosing what to eat in front of others to naming your kid, not having to second guess your own actions to avoid getting pigeonholed is a luxury. 

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2. Hearing, "So, where are you from… originally?" 

A question white people don't typically hear in job interviews. We know you're really inquiring about our country of origin or where our parents are from. So why not just ask that? 

1. Having "The Talk" with their kids

White parents and their kids have, well, let’s just say a much different relationship with law enforcement.