The 7 Products Apple Should Have Rolled Out By Now, Ranked
Photo: Laurenz Heymann / Unsplash

The 7 Products Apple Should Have Rolled Out By Now, Ranked

Where is our flying Apple Car, already? Geez!

Apple's product pipeline is deep and long. The graveyard of things the world's top tech company has never released is vast.

Today, during Apple’s annual, ever-hyped launch event in Cupertino, California, some of those ideas might come to life and find their rightful places in the Apple/App Store. But don’t hold your breath waiting on any of the gizmos listed below.

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7. A folding iPhone

This might actually happen, given the success of Samsung's Flip phones. Apple is known to take an idea that's already out there and put its own glossier version out.

6. Touch-screen iMac

Also possibly in the works—but it feels like we'd have them by now if Apple was really serious.

5. iBidet

While we're wishing, it would be great if Apple could purchase Toto, the Japanese company making some of the world's best toilets (which already resemble Apple products), and get more nether regions cleaner.

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4. A Mac for gaming

Macs are not great for gamers, who prefer Windows PCs. What a waste of Apple's advanced silicon.

3. iBed

Apple has changed the way we work and communicate and live. Why can't it help fix our damn sleep problems?

2. Apple TV Sets

Instead of just a set-top box you plug in, AppleTV's platform should be integrated as the operating system for high-end televisions that outshine offerings from Roku or Amazon's Fire platform. But it hasn't happened yet, and we've been waiting a long time.

1. Apple Car

Fully autonomous? A game changer for the auto industry? Maybe! Apple has hired teams to work on this but if it can't get past the major problems AI driving presents and make something truly safe and revolutionary, it may just shelve the damn thing.