Why Doesn’t Harper's Scandalous Book From ‘The Best Man’ Actually Exist?
Photo: Peacock

Why Doesn’t Harper's Scandalous Book From ‘The Best Man’ Actually Exist?

The official trailer for Peacock limited series 'The Best Man: The Final Chapters' has got us thinking...

The last time we saw Black cinema’s most memorable friends from college was almost 10 years ago, in the 2013 tearjerker Best Man Holiday. That movie saw Lance (Morris Chestnut) mourn the twilight of his NFL career and his wife Mia’s (Monica Calhoun) cancer diagnosis and eventual death. At the end of the film, the crew’s perpetual bachelor, Quentin (Terrence Howard), rang up Harper (Taye Diggs) to ask if he’d be his best man(e), because he was getting married. I would say *spoiler alert* but it has been nine damn years—the statute of limitations has long expired. Sorry not sorry.

A new limited series called The Best Man: The Final Chapters is set to pick up where the Best Man Holiday left off. And, if its title is to be believed, this is the final hurrah. The gang is getting back together (plus some new faces—we see you, Nicole Ari Parker!) starting December 22, when the series is set to begin streaming on Peacock. In it, we’ll finally get to see Quentin’s wedding, which, true to his spirit, will take place a very long time after he first got down on bended knee, word to Boyz II Men.

The full trailer for the show dropped today and it looks very promising. A major point of conflict in The Best Man: The Final Chapters is the fact that Hollywood wants to adapt the book Harper published in the OG Best Man into a movie. Yep, that scandalous-ass novel titled Unfinished Business—in which Harper indirectly aired out his dirty laundry, causing him to get his ass beat and nearly thrown off a balcony in the 1999 film—continues to cause more drama than Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt. Now that I think about it, why doesn’t this book actually exist, like, in real-life? Can some writerly human out there whip up a fan fiction for fans of this fiction? Who do we need to call to set that up?

With Malcolm D. Lee and Insecure producer Dayna Lynne North at the helm, this final chapter (for now) of the iconic story and cast of characters is going to be appointment-viewing come holiday season. Peep the preview below.