Woody McClain Should Be Hollywood's Next Action Hero
Woody McClain describes his sound as "things you would never see together."

Woody McClain Should Be Hollywood's Next Action Hero

He's setting up shop in the music and publishing worlds while looking the next greatest action hero script

Woody McClain isn't worrying about life after Power Book II: Ghost. In fact the M88 actor, whose turns as Bobby Brown and Cane Terjada cemented his acting status, has other industries he'd like to break into.

McClain, who has long talked about going to FAMU on a band scholarship, plans to show his production capabilities. "I'm crafting my sound and learning what is sonically pleasing," McClain told MACRO's UpRising newsletter. "I would describe [my sound] as things you would never see together—and it's fire."

Listing Doja Cat as one of his favorites in music at the moment and someone he would collaborate with, McClain isn't looking to make records and have that be the end of the journey. He wants to mesh his music and acting chops. "Maybe [me and] SZA produce a record together," he said. McClain starred is SZA's "Snooze" video. "But we also have a short film where we're straight acting [and] the music is the backdrop."

Music isn't his only moonlighting gig. McClain has also signed a publishing deal for his spy comic book The Brotherhood (Godhood Comics). The book's fictional organization was formed to protect Black Americans. Woody created and co-wrote the comic with DC standout writer Dorado Quick.

McClain credits Quentin Tarrentino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as an inspiration for The Brotherhood, and says he'd love love to see the IP turned into a film down the line.

"Whatever naturally happens—an anime series, dolls, action figures. But it would be dope to see it as a feature film. I'm such a huge fan of Ocean's Eleven and ensemble casts. That's why The New Edition Story will always be so close to me; it was a great ensemble cast. We went through the trenches together. With The Brotherhood, I really want my lead, Alton, to find brothers as young, cool, and fly as him, that stand for saving humanity. I want to bring that to the big screen one day as a feature film. I would love that."

As for a more immediate role, McClain is hoping to read an action screenplay that gives him the feels he got watching Wesley Snipes cut down thirsty vampires as Marvel's complicated Daywalker, Blade.

"I've always been an action fan, growing up watching Wesley Snipes killing it as Blade [and in] Demolition Man. I gotta do it. Everything I've been doing is pushing me towards action: I’m in the gym every morning, treating my body better, drinking more water, no sugar, no alcohol. I've always been a fan of helping others. I would love to portray that on the big screen."

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