The 10 Worst Try-Hard 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes, Ranked
Photo: Pilin_Petunyia/Getty Images

The 10 Worst Try-Hard 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes, Ranked

Nothing wrong with sexy, but maybe not if it makes everyone else feel weird and gross?

Halloween is the season when squares cut loose and dress sexy for perhaps the only time all year—but not all attempts to dress sexy actually come across that way. In fact, there are some costumes so gross or baffling, they could make one impotent for the night. Spot any of these? Look away, quickly! 

10. Sexy Boba Tea

Why is this ranked so low? Because we would.

9. Naughty Nun

This trope is played out. And it makes Jesus sad.

8. D**k in a Box

That video was from 2006, bro. Put it away.

7. Stay-Puft Marshmallow 

Stay puffy, if you must.

6. Sexy Chucky

Along with Sexy Freddy Krueger, making the killer doll from Child's Play hot is not it. Is it supposed to be sexy and scary? Like do dirty things to me and then kill me? You're not a praying mantis, but we'd like to see that as a sexy costume.

5. Any Disney Princess

Most Disney princesses are barely pubescent, don't try to sex them up

4. Genie's Lamp

Stop trying to get rubbed, they're on to you.

3. Flamin' Hot Cheetos

It's hot, yes, but in a way that makes people hungry, not horny.

2. Girl Scout 

No. Just no.

1. A Giant Penis

Like sending a d**k pic that people can't delete or hide. Plus, there's a much better, more playful, and more subtle alternative: eggplant emoji.