You Can Buy a Whole Caribbean Island for Less Than a House in a Major American City
Photo: Private Islands Inc.

You Can Buy a Whole Caribbean Island for Less Than a House in a Major American City

A whole island for under half a milli. Any takers?

The price of housing is absolutely out of control. Homes that were once $60,000 a few decades ago are worth over a million bucks. It seems like the whole American dream of a house with a white picket fence and 2.5 children is dying fast. Real fast. The price of housing has gotten so crazy that you can actually buy an island for a cheaper price than you can buy a house.

Iguana Island, 12 miles from the coast of the Bluefields in Eastern Nicaragua, is on sale. If you were to purchase this island for the hard bargain of $475,000, you’d be surrounded by ice-blue water, coconut palms, and banana trees; have five acres of land; and already have a home built on the grounds. That’s how awful homebuying is in America—you can basically get really close to developing your very own country for a cheaper price than purchasing a home in a major city.

The home that’s already on the island isn’t just some tiny little shack, either. It’s a three-bedroom, two-bathroom crib with a kitchen, living room, dining room, and a bar. There’s also a porch, wifi, a cellular service, all of that stuff you need. Also on Iguana Island is a 28-foot-tall watchtower, beautiful greenery and boardwalks. There's a longtime island staff to tend to the property, which, by the way, has been featured on an episode of the HGTV series Island Hunters.

For just under $1 million, you could be living much better than you would out here in the States—or you could found your own cult on your island. If you’re ballin’ who could really blame you for getting on your Jim Jones shit?

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