5 Answers We Demand From ‘Wandavision’ Immediately
Photo illustration, source: Marvel Studios via Disney+

5 Answers We Demand From ‘Wandavision’ Immediately

What the hell is happening in Westview, anyway?

5. Who the hell is the big surprise cameo?

Pretty much everyone involved with this show has been teasing a major guest appearance similar to when [redacted] showed up at the end of The Mandalorian. And while [redacted this time, but stop reading if you don’t want to know] showing up was big, it wasn’t big big. So who could it be? Magneto? Stephen Strange? Reed Richards? Nick Fury? The Bernie Sanders Meme? We thought we were going to get one this week but that didn’t happen, now we have no clue who’s coming. Dammit, Marvel. You win again.

4. Is Vision alive or dead?

A few weeks ago we saw zombie Vision, but then when he’s in the hexagon, he’s very much alive. But when he leaves, he starts to disintegrate. So what is it? Was that Wanda’s influence? Is he just a walking dead robot or does he have any semblance of sentience outside of the hex? And how do they… oh, never mind. Our head hurts.

3. Who is Pietro?

Okay, we warned you. We know Pietro is Wanda’s brother who died in Age Of Ultron. But who is this new Pietro? Was he actually plucked out of the X-Men movie universe, or is this another red herring/in-joke for the fans? CURSE YOU, KEVIN FEIGE.

2. What’s up with the mean SWORD guy?

If there’s one thing we know it’s this: Don’t trust a White man at the head of a government agency. In the MCU or real life. It’s clear that Hayward has something nefarious up his sleeve and he may end up being the Big Villain…which brings us to:

1. Who’s the actual Big Bad here?

It can’t be Agatha Harkness, right? There’s gotta be someone else pulling the strings and making all of this happen. Is it Mephisto? Is it Nightmare? Is it Ted Cruz? We have to know now!

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