5 Game Night Games Most Likely to Cause a Fight, Ranked
Photo source: Cardology

5 Game Night Games Most Likely to Cause a Fight, Ranked

Play at your own risk

5. Sorry!

The insincere title is perfect for this truly unempathetic, dog-eat-dog race to the finish line. Better safe than Sorry!

4. Taboo

A high-pressure game that involves stringent rules enforcement by a member of the opposing team — who we should point out is armed with an annoying-ass buzzer, just waiting for you to slip up. Meanwhile, you’re relying on your teammates to just use their damn words. Potential of public embarrassment: high. Potential of altercation: also high.

3. Uno

Oh, go to hell with your Draw Four, asshole.

2. Monopoly

Capitalism at its most ruthless (right down to the prison-industrial complex — stay woke). You’re gonna flip the fuck out when you land on someone’s four-house Marvin Gardens property for the fifth time, and probably flip over the entire board in poverty-stricken rage, sending fake money, dice, and game pieces everywhere. Hint: Do not play during a recession.

1. Spades

This is just an exploding pressure cooker of fuckery: A team-played game of pride, deceit, strategy, and shit-talking to the opps. Thing is, you’re even more likely to square up with your partner if he reneges, bids incorrectly, or OH FOR CHRISSAKES WATCH THE DAMN BOARD. Fun!

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