5 Hip-Hop Beefs Not Even Verzuz Could Squash, Ranked
Photo: Dave Simpson/Mindy Small/Getty Images

5 Hip-Hop Beefs Not Even Verzuz Could Squash, Ranked

Not even Timbo and Swizz could call a truce between these pairs

5. Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Only six minutes of actual music would be played. The rest would be consumed by an hourslong Kanye rant riffing on everything from coronavirus conspiracy theories to why Taylor deserves a pass to say the N-word.

4. Eminem and Nick Cannon

Make it 8 Mile versus Drumline, though, and things get a lot more interesting.

3. Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim

The beef between these two Brooklyn legends is old enough to drink. Why do they hate each other’s guts? Your guess is as good as ours. But if Gucci and Jeezy can get into the same room, and Monica and Brandy can feign cordiality, you’d think there’s a shred of hope for these two reconciling — that is, until you realize the Ill Na Na sent subliminal jabs at the Queen Bee on Instagram as recently as this summer.

2. Drake and Pusha-T

It’s like the old nursery rhyme goes: Sticks and stones may break my bones but “The Story of Adidon” is unforgivable.

1. 50 Cent and Ja Rule

The irony here is that a Verzuz battle would only serve to highlight the way Fif’ relentlessly clowned Ja Rule’s singing before capitalizing on the same damn formula. Still, these two rappers are gonna be like Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence’s old-ass characters in Life, bickering ’til the very end.

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