5 Meme Stocks We’d Most Like to See, Ranked
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5 Meme Stocks We’d Most Like to See, Ranked

This list does not constitute financial advice. Just wanted to make that clear.

5. TJX Holdings

Retail stocks are all the rage in the Reddit community known as WallStreetBets, in part because of the upside of shifting to e-commerce as a means of getting through pandemic-related store closures. (Well, that and the fact that big hedge funds love to bet on these stocks’ demise — that’s what fueled the insane story around GameStop over the past couple weeks.) You know who finally started selling their shit online after decades of resisting? T.J. Maxx’s parent company. And you know what investing is about? Getting the maxximum for the minimum. We’re all fashionistas now, baby!

4. Barnwell Industries

A Canadian oil and gas company normally wouldn’t get anyone excited. But when your stock ticker symbol shares an uncanny resemblance to the biggest meme of 2021, it’s a good chance other folks are gonna want to feel the BRN, eh?

3. Agrify

Cannabis companies are a creeper sector, even if they’re not growing the sticky icky themselves — this “developer of premium grow solutions for the indoor agriculture marketplace” (wink!) IPOed just yesterday on Nasdaq. “I’m not just an investor; I’m a user, too” has never sounded so accurate.

2. First Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund

Nothing too special about this one — it’s an index fund that actually had a pretty good 2020 and is up 66% from the market crater back in March — but if you’re only looking at the financials, then you might’ve missed the most important thing of all. It trades on Nasdaq as FDT. How much would we invest? Fo’ hunnid!

1. National Beverage Corp.

The soft-drink conglomerate enjoyed a brief taste of GameStock’s meteoric rise this week before crashing back to earth. But we’ve got a feeling it’s got more life left. It’s not that its holdings include LaCroix, which somehow has even better gross margins than soda. It’s that National Beverage (which trades as FIZZ, lol) also owns Faygo — aka the official drink of the Insane Clown Posse fans known as Juggalos. And if these folks are wowed by the idea of magnets, we’ve got a feeling they’re gonna freak the fuck out over a short squeeze.

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