5 Reasons Fall Is the Best Season of the Year, Ranked
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5 Reasons Fall Is the Best Season of the Year, Ranked

Fall back!

5. It’s the only season with a rap name

Everyone loves a good alias, and fall’s is even cooler than its dwindling temperatures. Autumn has been a perennial pick as one of the 100 most popular girl names for more than 20 years. Unlike Spring, with its square-ass solitary name, Autumn could be one of the A$APs or YBNs.

4. Back-to-school time

This has always been a boon in previous years — parents finally get their kids from up under them every minute of the day, running in and out the damn house, letting all the good air out. Some learning and socialization away from home is good for everyone.

3. Homecoming

With the return of the school year comes another one of the most joyous times of the year: homecoming! The time of year when HBCU alums return to campus — PWIs do, too, but it’s like expecting Essence Fest and getting Bonnaroo — to act even more of an ass than they did during undergrad and brag to outsiders about how their college hosts the best festivities. (Howard grads, we’re looking at you.)

2. Thanksgiving

Never mind the racist, murderous origins of this holiday. Turkey Day has become the most family-oriented date on the calendar, complete with a perpetually delicious dinner with all of the fixins: beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, turkeys, rabbit (you name it!).

1. Hoodie SZN

Is there a more cozy article of clothing hanging in your closet? Once the leaves start to come down, the hoodies go up. (Bonus points if you pair them with matching gray sweatpants.) Just don’t let your partner swipe yours!

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